Welcome to the IEEE CIS Task Force on AIS

Immune Computation and Applications
special issue in Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier

Artificial Immune Systems: Algorithms, Simulation, Modelling & Theory
special session at IEEE WCCI 2018


The biological immune system is a highly parallel and distributed adaptive system composed of a diverse range of innate and adaptive immune agents dedicated to protect organisms from infection.

The immune agents form a complex and dynamic network, which using learning, memory, and associative retrieval is able to perform distributed cognitive tasks, as well as solve recognition and classification tasks. They learn to recognize relevant patterns, remember patterns that have been seen previously, and use combinatorics to construct pattern detectors efficiently. These remarkable information-processing abilities of the natural immune system provide important aspects in the field of computation.

Nowadays, the Artificial Immune Systems represent a maturing area of research that bridges the disciplines of immunology, biology, medical science, computer science, physics, mathematics and engineering. The scope of AIS ranges from modelling and simulation of the immune system through to immune-inspired algorithms in silico, in vitro and in vivo solutions. In recent years, algorithms inspired by theoretical immunology have been applied to a wide variety of domains, and the theoretical insight into aspects of artificial and real immune systems have been sought through mathematical and computational modelling, and analysis.

Mission and Aims

The main mission of this Task Force is to promote the area of AIS among IEEE members and abroad, including research, development, education and understanding of the main topics of this research branch in Computational Intelligence.

The general goals are:

  1. make end-users, developers, consultants and researchers aware of the state-of-the-art;
  2. promote the use of AIS techniques and tools and stimulate new applications;
  3. organization of Conferences/Workshop with IEEE CIS Technical Co-Sponsorship;
  4. organization of tutorials, special sessions, workshops and panels;
  5. launching special issues in journals;
  6. explore possibilities in launching a new journal in the field.

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