Artificial Immune Systems: Algorithms, Simulation, Modelling & Theory

IEEE CEC 2017 Special Session

Extended Submission Deadline: 30th January

NEWS: The best accepted papers, and the ones most representative in AIS will be invited to be significantly extended in order to be considered for a special issue in Natural Computation journal.

The Immune System protects organisms against diseases, and over the years has been an important source of inspiration for the development of algorithms to be applied in a wide range of applications, such as learning, pattern recognition, optimisation and classification. Many of these algorithms are built on solid theoretical foundations, through understanding mathematical models and computational simulation of aspects of the immune system. The scope of this research area ranges from modelling to simulation of the immune system, to the development of novel engineering solutions to complex problems, and bridges several disciplines to provide new insights into immunology, computer science, mathematics and engineering.

This special session aims to focus on the recent advances on Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) field, also offering new conceptual models for understanding the dynamics that underlie the immune system.

This special session is supported by IEEE CIS Task Force on Artificial Immune Systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:




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